HPL is a professional LED manufacturer with patented and state of the art technologies. HPL management team consists of professional elites from different fields including LED chip manufacturing, and related component manufacturers.

HPL focuses on high power LED design, unique and patented packaging and module manufacturing.

Over the years, HPL has successfully developed and patented all-metal high power LED package and module technology solutions. Based on our unique technology platform and manufacturing process, we have significantly enhanced the brightness of our high power LEDs which exceeds the requirement of the next generation solid state lighting. At the same time, in order to differentiate HPL from others, over the years we have become a trustworthy partner with our customers in product / module co-design as our customers clearly appreciate the custom-made services provided by HPL.

Since 2012, HPL has expanded our product-mix and diversified into three major product categories including LED Lighting, Specialty UV, IR Lighting and Plant-Growth Lighting. In the UV LED area, HPL has become the No. 1 UV solutions providers in the Greater China region based on our all copper substrate design with one of a kind Quartz Glass Lens combination. In 2013, HPL intends to use the advantage of our UV solution and taking an aim globally.